Granite Platform


Granite Inspection surface plate

"GOLE STONE"brand granite surface plate accuracy refer advanced leading countries standard. Flatness to lerance as follows:
grade 000 1 x (1 + d/1000) m
grade 00 2 x (1 + d/1000) m
grade 0 4 x (1 + d/1000) m
grade 1 8 x (1 + d/1000) m
(d is the length of the plate's diagonal)

Measuring Instruments

For inspecting dimensions of working -pieves in cooperative use with dial indicator or wlwctronic probes add gauge blocks.
Less indicator and wood pack if need please adv.when order.

Granite Squares

For inspecting machine spindle and else squareness work-pieces

Granite Straightedges

For inspecting the straightness and flatness.
Welcome your inquiry for special specifications.

Granite Square Rulers

On inspection of verticality and parallelism as well As absolure 90° measuring

Granite Parallels

For inspecting the parallelism of work-pieces also for replacing the working blocks at the
same height when required.
Supplied in matched pairs.

Granite Vee Blocks

For inspecting the coaxality cylindricity symmetry and shifting of revolution parts.
Generally supply by pair if need single pc please adv.when order.