• OPTISCAN3D-原裝進口藍光掃描機


Opti-Scan 3D uses a high speed, high resolution industrial camera and LED DLP projector to scan the surfaces of an object.
Patterns of light are beamed from the projector onto the part, these patterns are recorded by the camera and used to create surface measurements.

3D scanners can acquire measurements of surfaces but are notoriously bad at acquiring measurements of edges.

the Opti-Scan is the only system in the world which can accurately measure surfaces and edges in 3D.

Opti-Scan is high levels of automation by adding a rotational table and titing mechanism. this arrangement has been carefully chosen to creat a viewing hemisphere which  allowsscans to be acquired from all visible surfaces of the component. 


OptiScan Model Accuracy Resolution
Repeatability Volumetric Field of View Camera Projector
OS350.10 10 μm 15 μm 350mm >18MP >2MP
OS800.35 35 μm 70 μm 800mm >18MP >2MP
OS1000.35 35 μm 75 μm 1000mm >18MP >2MP

The Opti-Scan can also be used as a portable 3D scanner by placing the scanning head on a tripod.

Large objects can be measured by attaching repositioning markers to the surface of the parts or to a measuring bench or area.

These markers are then used to automatically stitch the scans together. in this configuration almost any size of object can be measured.

Suitable for: electronic、mold、hardware processing、plastic、rubber、connect、cell phone、pcb、car、clock、pc、 display、connect、biotechnology、optics-。

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